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Ballymacrickett Primary School and Nursery Unit, Glenavy
First Communion Miss Mc Kavanagh's class 9.30am,  Mrs Clarke's class 11.30am
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Thank you Fundraisers

14th Dec 2021

We would like to thank our amazing fundraising committee for very generously providing the children with further Numicon resources.
The provision of Numicon materials to the school is a truly wonderful way to support the teaching and learning of mathematics for all children, from nursery to all the subsequent key stages!
Numicon makes numbers real for children; they can easily touch and see the value of any number, and even more exciting is that it also makes number relationships real!
5 is not only seen as just 5 but also as a combination of 3 +2, 4+1 and so forth….

As our younger children progress through the school, Numicon will continue to support their mathematical learning in similar ways. It will make addition and subtraction relationships real, while later it will support work with multiplication and division, which in turn will build firm foundations for further work with fractions and decimals. Numicon is also full of possibilities as an introduction and support to many other areas of the mathematics curriculum.
A truly versatile and empowering piece of equipment for children at Ballymacricket at all stages and abilities.
Thank you again for supporting the education of our children by helping us to make such a positive impact on Numeracy teaching and learning.