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Parent Info

Extended School

We operate a morning club where children are supervised from 8:00am. We ask that children are dropped off at the Nursery Building and then make their way to the school canteen. There is a charge of £1.20 per morning per child. (Breakfast is available at an additional cost.)
We also operate an afternoon club for the younger children who finish class at the earlier time each day but wish to stay and travel home with older brothers and sisters. Recreational activities are organised for these children. There is also a charge of £1.20 per afternoon per child for this club.

After School Child Care

‘Little Cricketts’ will continue to operate from 3pm to 6pm. If interested, contact Deirdre on 07522136463.

School Meals

The cost for school meals is £2.60 per day. We ask, where possible, that dinner money is sent to school an Monday mornings to your child’s teacher. Please send the correct amount as change is not readily available.

Healthy Eating

Our school take part in the ‘Save Our Smiles’ Scheme as organised by the Community Dental Team, working for the Health & Social Services Board. This scheme was set up to encourage schools to promote the oral and general health of children through both policy and practice in relation to ‘Break Time Snacks’. We would like to continue with our Healthy Break Policy and use this scheme again as an incentive to our children.

The requirements of the scheme are that mid morning snacks should consist of fruit and/or vegetables, or bread based snacks with sugar free filling e.g. plain bread sticks, toast, sandwich, bread roll spread with a little margarine or butter or filled with ham, cheese, tuna etc. (scones, pancakes or muffins may be used occasionally but they contain some sugar and may cause tooth decay if taken frequently.) The only drinks taken should be either milk or water.

Nut Free Zone Parents are asked to remember that Ballymacrickett is a Nut Free Zone.