Shared Education

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Shared Education

Ballymacrickett Primary School are continuing their close link with Ballinderry Primary School through the Shared Education Programme. The aim of the programme is to develop Diversity and Mutual Understanding through children from both schools learning together.

Year 3

Primary 7 – Term 2

Primary 7 pupils visited W5 with Ballinderry Primary School. The aim of the visit was to develop their understanding of science. They got the chance to investigate forensic science and space. They then had the chance to explore their body strength on climbit. They had a great learning day.

Primary 1 – Term 1

We joined with Ballinderry Primary school for our Shared Education Day.  We were learning all about helping hands!  Have a look at us as we used our outside learning space where we used our hands to feel natural materials.

Primary 2 – Term 1

The children from Ballinderry Primary school visited our school to engage in a sequence of activities relating to Autumn. The children worked together in small groups to plan and then create their own scarecrows using pieces of clothing which they brought in prior to the day. They then displayed their scarecrows in our school playground.

Primary 3- Term 1

P3 enjoy a trip to W5 as part of the Shared Education Programme.

Primary 4 – Term 1

P4s enjoyed a Shared Education day on 6th December at the Speedwell Trust Centre, Parkanaur. They participated in orienteering and Christmas craft activities.

Primary 5 – Term 1

Primary Five enjoyed an extremely interesting day of Shared Education along with the pupils from Ballinderry Primary school. We carried out two fair test science investigations. The first one was to find out if cress seeds grow best with or without sunlight. During our second investigation, ‘Float or sink’ we observed and recorded which of the reindeers floated for the longest period of time; the one with the large feet or the one with the small feet?

Primary 6 – Term 1

In Primary 6, we visited W5 with Ballinderry Primary School as part of the Shared Education Programme. We had a fantastic time together learning about lots of different aspects of science, including a workshop based on our ‘Living Things’ work we have been doing in school. We took part in a number of different workshops, including making slime (ewww!) and using Kinex to build a racing car.  During the Kinex workshop, we conducted a fair test to find out which group had built the best racing car by ensuring each car went down the ramp from the same height, the same starting point and at the same time – it was so much fun!

We also had the opportunity to explore the interactive exhibitions in W5 and meet new friends from Ballinderry. One of our favourite activities was climbing up the stepping stone structure. We could really feel our hearts beating after all that exercise!

Primary 7 – Term 1

Our Primary 7 pupils used our outdoor environment to develop team work and map reading skills to try some orienteering. The boys and girls really enjoyed this activity with some great team work demonstrated. The second activity used art, Christmas and thinking skills to make symmetrical snowflakes. There was some wonderful creations.

Year 2

Primary 1- Term 1

We read the story ‘Ridiculous’, about a tortoise out in the winter season.

We sorted lots of different items for ‘winter’ or ‘not winter’.

We went back to our tables and had fun sorting the pictures.  We had to be careful Miss McCormick put some pictures in there that might have caught us out!

On our second day we read ‘The Snowman’.  We then had fun holding ice and watching what happened. We used lots of good describing words to explain how it felt. We used words like cold, slippery, freezing, hard, wet and melting.

We had great fun with our ice investigation.  Ballinderry Primary school came to visit us and we joined together to investigate what makes ice melt faster?  We were fabulous at working together as a team and taking turns!


Primary 2- Term 1

In Primary 2 we spent our time doing loads of different activities.

We had great fun making our own scarecrows in groups.  We also got the chance to sort leaves based on their colour, shape and size.

On our shared day we got to meat up with the boys and girls from Ballinderry to make wonderful igloos, it was great fun. We finished the day off by singing a song together.

Primary 5 Term 1

In Primary 5, we spent our day at Oxford Island participating in a variety of activities. Our first activity was searching for mini-beasts under different natural habitats and also some pond dipping. When we found the mini-beasts we examined them to explore their characteristics.

We had the chance to go around the natural hides in Oxford Island to do a spot of bird watching and finally we got to observe and discuss the many animals in and around Lough Neagh by looking at stuffed animals. (Taxidermy)

Primary 6- Term 1

Primary 6 spent our Shared Education day with Ballinderry Primary School in W5.

We had a fantastic time together learning about lots of different aspects of science, including a workshop based on our ‘Living Things’ work we have been doing in school.

During the workshop, James did some cool investigations and played some fun games with us. We located the body’s vital organs, calculated our heartbeat both during rest and after exercise, found our lung capacity and tested how quick our reactions are!

Meeting new friends from Ballinderry was really good and we got the opportunity to explore the interactive exhibitions in W5 together. One of our favourite activities was climbing up the stepping stone structure. We could really feel our hearts beating after all that exercise!



Primary 7- Term 1

Primary 7 pupils from both schools had a visit from Speedwell. This visit aimed at looking at stereotypes and discrimination. The pupils explored these areas through activities directly related to discrimination and stereotypes and also played games to develop an understanding of these. Pupils also looked at exploring energy and electricity by creating their own steady-hand games in groups. We had a great day and the boys and girls from both schools worked together and enjoyed the day.

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Primary 1- Term 2

Ballymacrickett and Ballinderry came together again to link sound in with our topic of Africa. We all went on a sound hunt in the grounds of the school and they got to guess the hidden sound. The boys and girls got to play African drums which they all loved! We recorded sounds and finally got to sort our sounds.

Primary 5- Term 2

Primary five children from Ballymacrickett and Ballinderry carried out a science investigation using “chromatography”. They discovered that the same colours are used to make up the colour black.

Ancient Egyptians used salts when they were mummifying bodies.  Primary fives from Ballymacrickett and Ballinderry carried out a mummification experiment using a tomato.

Primary 6-Term 2

For our second term of Shared Education, we invited Ballinderry Primary School to Ballymacrickett for the day. We had an action packed day and we had the opportunity to meet up with our new friends we played with at W5.

To begin the day, we had to discuss some difficult issues of who we would give a spot to on a lifeboat if our ship was sinking. We were given a list of people to choose from and it was really hard to decide who was most worthy of a place. Everyone in our groups had different reasons to save each person.

After break, we put our heads together to design and create a boat that would be able to move in water. We were given materials like a plastic container, skewers, an elastic band, a piece of plastic and some Sellotape. It was really interesting trying to find the best way to make the boat!

In the afternoon, we focused on density. We did some investigating on different items floating and sinking and learned the meaning of density. Our challenge was to change the density of a piece of PlayDoh to make it both sink and float.

Primary 7-Term 2

For our second term of Shared Education, we decided to explore bridges in the local area as this related to both school’s World Around Us Topic.

Three activities were planned. The first activity involved the boys and girls visiting the bridges within the local community. They got first-hand experience of an arch bridge, a truss bridge and a beam bridge. They answered questions surrounding these bridges and discussed the purpose of each bridge.

The second activity was a P.D.M.U related activity exploring the uniqueness of everyone. The pupils began with a game of human bingo where they got to explore each other’s personality and differences. They furthered this with a ‘Cookie Identity Game’ where they examined their cookie for differences and got to find their own.

The third activity explored tension and compression in relation to a suspension bridge. Pupils practically explored push and pull and how suspension cables helped as a support. Pupils then designed in groups and made a mini suspension bridge.