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Pupils of The Week 6/3/17

Date: March 15, 2017 Author: Niall Categories: News

For Working So Hard And Always Trying His Best!

For Being A Really Well-Mannered And Co-Operative Boy.

For Trying So Hard To Improve In All Aspects Of His Work – Keep It Up!

For Great Participation In Class Discussions.

For Giving Great Answers During Our Planning For A Fair Test.

For Always Putting A Great Effort Into His Homework.

For Writing A Very Enjoyable Story About Thing 1 And Thing 2 From Dr. Seuss.

For Being So Enthusiastic About Science And Visiting A Science Museum In London!

For Conducting A Fantastic Fair Test Investigation. Well Done!

For Her Excellent Scientific Report Writing On Chromatography.

For Always Trying Her Best And Producing Great Work.

For Great Participation And Attention During 5 Star Disability Talk.

For Preparing With Energy And Excitement For Our Assembly.

For Being Respectful And Very Well-Mannered To His Peers And Adults Within Our School.