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Pupils Of The Week 13/11/17

Date: November 30, 2017 Author: Niall Categories: News

For Displaying Impeccable Manners At All Times
And Always Trying Her Best.

For Always Applying Herself In Class And Completing Work To A High Standard.

For Having Such A Positive Attitude Towards His Work.

For Always Having Well Presented Work.

For Always Sharing And Being Kind To Others.

For Settling Down To Her Work Quickly And Calmly And Keeping Focused To Get All Her Work Completed. Well Done!

For Always Trying Her Best At Everything She Does And Keeping Her Work Neat!

For Always Having A Mature And Responsible Approach To Her School Work.

For Really Trying Hard To Listen Better. Well Done!

For Concentrating, Trying His Best, Following Instructions And Doing Exactly The Right Thing! We Are So Proud!

For Being A Marvellous Mathematician. Well Done!

For Showing Great Enthusiasm Towards Our “Healthy Teeth” Science Investigation! Well Done!

For Baking The Class A Delicious Cake!

For Always Showing Lovely Manners And Being So Well-Behaved.