Primary 7

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Primary 7

Primary 7 is the last year for the boys and girls in Ballymacrickett. The boys and girls have some great experiences such as their residential trip to Ardnabannon as well as receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. This is another hard-working year but also a rewarding year.

Primary seven pupils have been exploring a range of subjects in maths. They are using many different resources to enhance their learning.

As part of our Victorian topic and research into Thomas Edison. Primary 7 classes have been exploring electricity and simple circuits.

Continuing on from our work on the iPads last year, this year’s primary 7 classes have been using the internet and BookCreator to make learning fun throughout the curriculum.


The primary seven pupils had a very exciting and interesting visit all to do with their topic The Victorians.

During maths weeks the boys and girls had the chance to go outside and complete some practical maths and some investigations.