Primary 6

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Primary 6

Primary 6 is another very important year for the pupils of Ballymacrickett. The boys and girls put in a lot of work but this work is enjoyable and stimulating. The pupils learn about ‘The Vikings’ and ‘Water’ and other interesting topics.

Primary 6 are studying Vikings as our World Around Us topic. We made models of Viking ships using polystyrene chip containers from The Chip Factory. We cut the containers in half, stuck them together with masking tape, painted them brown and then added typical Viking shields and decoration.

As part of our study of the Vikings in primary 6, we looked at what the Vikings wore. We then designed our own pieces of Viking jewellery or Viking shields, then moulded clay into the desired shape. Using tools, we were able to add designs and details to our clay pieces and have left them to dry, ready for painting next week.

We have been busy bees in P6! We have enjoyed learning lots of new concepts in our numeracy lessons, especially algebra, reading our new novel for term 3, Kensuke’s Kingdom( lots of amazing pieces produced), and finding out all about sound and light in our topic work.

We carried out lots of interesting Science investigations on our Shared Education Day with Ballinderry Primary School. We can’t wait until they visit us again!