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Primary 6 Viking Day

Date: October 23, 2014 Author: admin Categories: News

Mrs Black and Mr Eastwood organised a Viking Day for all the Primary Six children as we have been learning about Viking life. Rita and Michael started the day with a powerpoint presentation on the Vikings. Little did we know there was a real Viking in our storeroom who burst out and scared us all. We then had a range of fun and interesting activities to complete. We got to talk to the Viking and he told us all about the different weapons he would have used. We closely examined different artefacts from Viking times to find out what they were used for. We even got to translate some Viking language called runes. It was enjoyable to dress up in the clothes the Viking people would have worn and to feel how heavy the chain mail armour was. We also got to weave. Lots of the children were already good at weaving because of using loom bands at the moment. In the afternoon we got another PowerPoint presentation of information. Then we got to make our own spears. We finished off the eventful day with a battle. The Viking taught us how to hold a sword and we used different stances to protect ourselves. Ruairi O’Neill was the champion in Mrs Black’s class and Eugene Clenaghan was the champion in Mr Eastwood’s. Overall it was a very enjoyable day and we learned a lot about the Vikings.