Primary 5

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Primary 5

Primary 5 is an important year for the boys and girls of Ballymacrickett. This is the first year of Key Stage 2 for the pupils.

During this years’ Roots Of Empathy program, Primary Five will watch Baby Rory develop both socially and emotionally. This will help us to understand that we are all unique in how we interact with one another.

Primary Five had the pleasure of hearing the Ulster Orchestra play. They travelled through time with well-known pieces of music written over the centuries by world renowned composers. A fantastic experience for such young ears.

Primary Five found their visit from The Glenavy Conservation and Angling Club to be very interesting.We  now know that the Glenavy Rivers’ point of origin is on Divis Mountain.

Primary 5 pupils have been learning all about Glenavy and our Parish. The boys and girls have been exploring the use of charcoal by portraying our church.

As well as charcoal the boys and girls have been using clay. They tried all different techniques to create their own inauguration chair. They looked fantastic.

To continue on the theme of Glenavy, the primary 5 pupils explored old maps of our townland with the help of John Hewitt. Many thanks John.