Primary 2

  • Happy Together, Learning Forever

Primary 2

Ballymacrickett has two classes in primary 2. The boys and girls get the chance to take part in a lot of fun activities with learning at the core of it. Below will be some photographs of the pupils enjoying some of this teaching.


Primary 2 have been learning all about Pirates. We LOVE dressing up and pretending to be aboard the pirate ship. We have been making some treasure maps and reading lots of stories – ‘Peter Pan’ is one of our favourites! We even found out about a real-life pirate, Edward Teach – better known as ‘Blackbeard’!

We used oil pastels to draw spring flowers – we had to look really closely!

Our topic in P2 was materials. During play based learning we dressed up as builders and completed lots of construction projects! We created plans and then we had to visit the hardware store to get all of the equipment and materials. Such hard work!

P2 love science! We carried out an investigation to see how different materials dissolve in hot and cold water. We used coffee, sugar, jelly, pepper and gravy. Can you guess what the results were?

As part of our Living Things topic, P2 planted sunflower seeds in class. Each week, we cared for them and made a diary about how they were growing. After a few weeks, our sunflowers had grown so tall! We have green fingers in our class!

In primary 2, we went on a walk around our school grounds to look for signs of Spring. It was quite tricky but we managed to see some buds and even some daffodils and other flowers beginning to grow. We even heard some birds singing! Hello Spring!

Thank you so much for all of your support in raising money for Trocaire! The children in Primary Two loved using the 20p coins to spell out words.

Joe Mulholland visited Primary Two and introduced them to Katie the little lamb. The children loved meeting her but I am not so sure Katie enjoyed this experience. She missed her mummy too much but they were soon reunited!

P2 used the interactive whiteboard to sort mini-beasts for how they move – it was tricky but we were able to do brilliantly!

Children’s author Beth Wiffen came to visit us. She read her story ‘Freddie’s Fire’ – it was super! We got to ask her lots of questions about writing books. Watch out Beth – P2 love to write!

Our topic in P2 is Living Things and the Farm. We LOVE play based learning – we look after the animals, go to the Farm Shop and even plant and sell flowers! We love drawing flowers to decorate our school too.

Primary Two had lots of fun looking for mini-beasts in our playground. However, we did not find too many. I think it was too cold and they were all hiding. Roll on the summer!