Primary 1

  • Happy Together, Learning Forever

Primary 1

Ballymacrickett Primary School is very lucky to have two Primary 1 classes. Below will be photographs of the primary 1 classes enjoying a variety of activities.

Primary 1 have been learning to sort things.  We’ve sorted for colour and for the same type.  We have been making patterns of 1, 2 and even 3!  We played some matching games and made lots of pairs of things such as gloves, socks, shoes and ear-rings!  It was so much fun!

We have been so busy at ABC Time; we now know our first high frequency word – I!  We have been doing sound hunts and sorting for the different sounds!  Can you guess the sounds we’re sorting for?

Our first topic in Primary 1 was Fairytales and Pirates. We had lots of fun pretending to be pirates.  We were digging for treasure in the sand, steering our pirate ship and we even went on a real life treasure hunt… would you believe it we found gold!!   We learned that treasure come s in lots of different forms and brought in some treasure that was precious to us!  We made food for our pirate party and painted lots of pirate pictures.

We have been really enjoying getting ready for Halloween by dressing up and doing lots of Halloween crafts. Some boys and girls were making play doh monsters. Look how many arms some of them have!

Primary One went on a Spring walk! We looked for different signs, new flowers –  especially daffodils and buds on the trees.  Look at what we found!

We took turns to be the leader in our problem solving activity. We had to think of our own criteria to sort the same people 4 different ways!  Our teacher said we did a great job!  Did you pick the cae criteria as us?

We had fun on our new adventure trail! Thank you to all those who helped fundraise so we could play on it!!