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ECO Flag and Food Waste Challenge

Date: April 27, 2018 Author: Niall Categories: News

Great news recently in our school surrounding our ECO Club and School. We have renewed our ECO flag demonstrating our great work with our environment.

The challenge allowed schools to focus on Food Waste and the benefits of creating compost from food which then can be used to grow more food etc. The children learnt how composting can be good for the environment, and the benefits that can be gained in terms of saving the school money.

The challenge focused on the actions that pupils in school and at home took to address food waste issues based on the 3Rs principles. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Our school monitored waste from four classrooms across key stage 1 and 2 and discovered that most of the items in the general waste bin did not belong there.

Our Eco Team informed all classes about Food Waste Challenge and their findings regarding waste in our school. They demonstrated how litter can be reduced via Boomerang and paperless lunch boxes encouraging all pupil to eat all of their packed lunches.

After consulting with staff it was agreed to pilot a reduction of the number of general waste bins by removing them from the 14 classrooms to the 4 resource area. By changing the behaviour of staff and children we will have a substantial reduction of waste going to landfill.

We are delighted to be awarded Winner of this challenge as an Eco School we are always looking for new ways of contributing to a sustainable future.