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Curriculum Nights

Date: September 13, 2016 Author: Niall Categories: News

Curriculum Nights will take place for parents of children in Nursery to Primary 7 classes on the dates shown below. This is an opportunity for you to be informed of some of the intentions of the year ahead for your child/children. The teachers have also planned to include a particular theme/focus, relevant to their respective year groups. We hope you find these evenings useful. Unfortunately we cannot invite any children along as there would not be sufficient supervision available.


Year Group Date and Time Focus
Primary 7 Tues. 13th Sept.


E-Safety/Transfer 2017


Primary 1 Wed. 14th Sept.


Phonics in the Early Years


Primary 5 Mon. 19th Sept.


Teaching Multiplication Tables
Primary 6 Mon. 19th Sept.


Developing Comprehension Skills
Primary 3 Tues. 20th Sept.


Transition from Foundation to Key Stage 1
Primary 4 Tues. 20th Sept.


First Communion/

Phonics in Key Stage 1

Nursery Wed. 21st Sept.


Getting Started
Primary 2 Wed. 21st Sept.


Reading in the Early Years