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Chicks Born In Ballymacrickett

Date: June 21, 2015 Author: Niall Categories: News

What an exciting time in Primary 4! We have been learning all about The Animal Kingdom and brought a little bit of The Animal Kingdom to life in our school. We set 18 eggs in an incubator in our classroom hoping that some chicks would hatch out of them. Primary 4 found out that eggs need to be kept in a warm and humid condition for 21 days for the best chance of hatching. The children were so eager each day to track the progress of the chicks, research what was happening inside the eggs and find out how much our chicks were growing. After a very long 21 days and a very patient wait from Primary 4, our first egg hatched! In the next few days, 8 more brothers and sisters hatched out. The Primary 4 children loved finding out how to take care of the animals after they had hatched. Now the chicks have moved out of the school and onto a farm where they will keep growing until they hopefully start laying their own eggs!

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